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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bovis at Welland

I was personally dismayed to find that BOVIS would be the developer for the Drake Street at Welland.

Not the most sensitive or imaginative house designs for such a lovely site!
Certainly NOT exciting.
Standardised architecture just like everywhere else.  "Subtopia"

Just look at their record  BOVIS HOMES

I do hope I am wrong.   Jerry.

(This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the views of Castlemorton Parish Council)


Jacqui Williams said...

This is not the place for personal comments especially from someone who does not even live in Castlemorton or Welland.
Not all young people/families can afford non- estate properties even when ones family has been here for generations and would love to live in a country village residence.

Bill Guy said...

It would be interesting to know how many Bovis developments start off medium and end up large.

barbara Struggles said...

Hello Jerry,

We are concerned about the inappropriate plan that is proposed at the end of Druggers End
The planning number is 15/00515/FUL
I believe you have similar concerns so I would like your opinion please.

With best wishes,
Barbara Struggles
The Morgans Druggers End

barbara Struggles said...

Dear Jerry,
Im not sure if my comment has been posted so Im doing another.

We are concerned about the inappropriate building that has sent for approval to the Malvern Planning Office number 15/00515/FUL
and woukd like your opinion please.

Barbara Struggles