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Wednesday, 25 May 2011



 Download an application form here:-

Breif notes:-

All applications must be accompanied by a contribution of £30 per ticket for all tickets required where the person is 13 years and over 
Please a cheque or Postal Order payable to Castlemorton Village Hall.

Children aged 12 and under must be included on your application but will not be required to pay a donation.
The money raised from the donations will be used for Community Projects for the benefit of the residents of Castlemorton.

All applications need to be accompanied by a Stamped Self Addressed envelope which will be used to inform you in mid July of the outcome of your application. (Sorry, but no SAE = no tickets). Please include a telephone number so that if there is a problem with your application we can contact you. Unfortunately if you cannot be contacted, we will have to reject your application.

Once you have completed the application form please send it to: Castlemorton Village Hall, Church Road, Castlemorton, WR13 6BE and be received no later than Monday 20th June 2011.

      You will be informed if your application has been successful.

_______________See conditions and the full information here:- 

I thought it would be helpful to update you on the preparations for the Big Chill Festival this year, which will take place in the Deer Park, Eastnor from Wednesday 3rd – Monday 8th August 2011.

This year, the festival will open to the public from 14.00 on Wednesday 3rd August for customers that have purchased an Early Bird Ticket, and then from 8am Thursday 4th August for standard ticket holders until Monday 8th August 2011. The main entertainment will take place on Friday 5th August, Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2011. It will also be possible for the public to purchase day tickets for these days.

If you have a complaint about noise or any other issue, you should call the complaints hotline number to register your complaint. The telephone company cannot guarantee this number at this stage and so I will include this within the July letter. The telephone line will be manned by Big Chill Republic staff, and copies of all call logs are made available to Herefordshire Council. Noise levels are regulated and monitored by our onsite acoustic consultants and Environmental Health Officers at Herefordshire Council.

Live Music can be played:

Thursday 4th August 
12.00 – 00:00
Friday 5th August 
00:00 – 05:00 and 09:00* – 00:00
Saturday 6th August 
00:00 – 05:00 and 09:00* – 00:00
Sunday 7th August 
00:00 – 05:00 and 09:00* – 00:00
Monday 8th August 
00:00 – 03:00

(Note:- this means that there will be Music till 5.00am in the mornings)   JBF*

* From 09.00 – 12.00 the music will be limited to the kids area
In addition there will be some sound checks on the Wednesday evening between 18.00 – 20.00.

The car parks for Early Bird tickets will open at 14.00 on Wednesday 3rd August. This year I have decided to sell an Early Bird Ticket to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads on the Thursday which will hopefully cause less disturbance to residents. 
We anticipate the peak arrival time will be midday on Thursday (but this is difficult to predict and is affected by the weather etc). Last year 99% of festival goers had left the site by 15.00 on the Monday.

Bus Drop Off / Shuttle Service
We will again be offering a free shuttle service to and from the site for the public who arrive at Great Malvern station. In addition this year, we will have a shopping bus operating during the day to and from the site to Ledbury. This is to discourage people from taking their cars off site should they wish to go to town for supplies, to give business to the local town and also to provide transport for anyone that arrives by train into Ledbury (and to prevent people from walking on the main roads to the site).

Traffic Routes To Site
We have been working closely with Herefordshire Council, Worcestershire Council, Gloucestershire Council and West Mercia Police to work out the routes to site – these will be very similar to last year, and I will give you full details of these in my letter to you in July. In summary, traffic will access the site using the following gates:

We will have space for many more cars on site than we are expecting, and so do not anticipate festival goers abandoning their cars around the local area.

Traffic Regulation Orders
We have applied for the following Orders, and I will update you on these when I write again in July.

a) Temporary Speed Limit – on A449 at 'Purple' Gate

We have applied for a 30mph reducing to a 20mph speed limit to be applied from the county boundary for a distance of 250m past the Purple Gate entrance. We have requested that this will take affect from Wednesday 3rd August 2011 at 06.00 until Monday 8th August 2011 at 18.00.

b) Temporary Speed Limit – on A449 at 'Red' Gate
We have applied for a 30mph speed limit to be applied 250m either side of Red Gate (Massington Farm). We have requested for this to take effect from Wednesday 3rd August 2011 at 06.00am to Monday 8th August 2011 at 18.00.

c) Temporary Speed Limit – on A438 through Eastnor Village
We have applied for a 30mph speed limit to be applied from Woodside until leaving Eastnor village – in the normal 50mph speed limit. We have requested for this to take effect from Wednesday 3rd August 2011 at 06.00 to Monday 8th August 2010 at 18.00.

d) Temporary Traffic Light permit
We have applied for the use of traffic lights at Purple Gate on Monday 8th August 2011 from 06.00 until 18.00. These would operate on a 3 way basis, to allow traffic to exit the site – turning right only back to Little Malvern.

e) No Right Turn
We have applied for a no right turn to be applied to Purple Gate from the Ledbury direction into the site to take effect from Wednesday 3rd August 2011 at 06.00am to Monday 8th August 2011 at 18.00. 

We have again applied to Herefordshire Council to temporary close the footpaths that cross the festival site during the build until the clear up for health and safety reasons. I will updated you on this again in July.

If someone should trespass on your land, then please call the Police. While we are not able to prevent people from accessing the public highways or keep them onsite, we will again have an on site supermarket and a variety of stalls onsite, which will be advertised both in advance publicity and on site. I hope that these measures will deter people from wandering in the surrounding area.
After the festival, I will be holding a meeting for local residents for their feed back on how they feel the festival went, improvements that could be made etc. I will provide you with further details of this in due course.

If you have any specific questions which are not covered here, please contact Claudia Langmead  write to Festival Republic Ltd, 35 Bow Street, London WC2E 7AU

I will write to you again in July with the hotline telephone number in addition to updating you with any other information.

Kind regards
Melvin Benn, Premises Licence Holder, Big Chill Festival 2011

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