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Friday, 6 May 2011

‘Into a Greener Future’ - Castlemorton Village Hall Improvement Project

Improvement Plan
About 18 months ago, Castlemorton Parish Council and the Parish Hall Trust created a plan to improve the village hall. The hall is an important facility for this rural community and also serves a wider area through the organisations and clubs that use it. It was built by local residents at a time of austerity and this is reflected in the construction. This plan aimed to make the hall more environmentally friendly, more comfortable and more economic to run. It included:
Improving the insulation of the fabric of the building
Installing double glazed windows on the north facing wall
Replacing the porch with new, well insulated structure
Installing photo-voltaic panels on the south facing roof to generate electricity, with the excess being sold to the national grid.
Recent Work
In recent years, improvements to the hall have included the addition of a disabled toilet and baby-changing facilities, improved lighting and the replacement of the boiler with a more efficient condensing boiler. The new work will complement these to provide a community hub that is practical and efficient for years to come.
Funding for the new project has been obtained from a number of grant awarding bodies:
Rural development Programme for England LEADER programme
Big Lottery under the Community Sustainable Energy Programme
Community First – Grassroots
Severn Waste Environmental Fund – Welcome to our Future.

The total cost of the project exceeds £36,000. It will be implemented over the next few months.

Open Day
When completed there will be an open day [date to be announced] to celebrate and to mark the commissioning of the power generating system. It is intended to involve the community, via the Castlemorton Environmental Forum, and to encourage local residents to install their own domestic scale systems.
The project is predicted to give a net benefit energy saving of 5487Wh/year and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 2042kg/year. It will also decrease the running costs of the hall, allowing charges to be kept low for users.

For further details, please contact the project manager, Angus Golightly on 01684 833144 or e-mail For information about the technical aspects contact Don Lupton on 01684 833510 or e-mail: .

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