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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Castlemorton Open Gardens 2011

Tour some of Castlemorton's loveliest gardens. Showing at their best, at the best time of the year. All proceeds to St Gregory's Church. Buy a passport/map at St Gregory's church or where you see the (P) sign. Wonder round and enjoy a 'Cottage Tea' where you see (CT) sign.
Reference these numbers to your map
Passports, ( P) Cottage teas, (Ct) Toilet, (T) Gardening books, (G) Cake stall, (Ca )
These Gardens are Open and have the following facilities.

  1. WR13 6BQ.     St. Gregory's Church for Passports, Floral display,and a cup of tea.
  2. WR136BQ The Old Vicarage. A 19th c. country vicarage, large garden, two ponds, and several rose gardens.
  3. WR136BQ Glebe Cottage. A 17th c. timber framed farm house. Extensive front flower beds and vegetable garden . SUNDAY only. [ T ]
  4. WR136BE The Old Alms House. Originally a 14 th c. truck house, extended in 17th c.with alterations spanning 400 years. Large lawns, many trees, ponds and soft fruit cage. 
  5. WR136BS Bannut Tree House. Designed by Voysey, late 19th c. very extensive ornamental gardens on several levels . [ Ct , T, Ca ]
  6. WR136JD Grove Farm. A mid 19th. c. farmhouse, with extensive well laid out gardens 
  7. WR136AA Summercombe.Originally a 'commoners' cottage built in 1812, a varied garden including castles, fishpond, fun for children. [ Gp, P ]
    WR136AA Millpond Cottage. A thatched timber framed cottage below the mill pond.Cottage teas only. Everyone welcome though this is not a 'Passport' garden'.
  8. WR136LE Spring Bank Cottage.A 'Commoners' cottage at the north end of the village, with an extensive decorative garden and raised vegetable beds. [Ct, G, ]
  9. WR136LG Cidermill Cottage. A 'Commoners' cottage, the small garden space is used to great effect

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