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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Castle Morton (Castlemorton) Billings Directory 1855

For all interested in local history, the directory of names is particularly interesting.

Castle Morton (Castlemorton) Billings Directory 1855

Do you have relatives here.

Hill Rev. John, Incumbent
Allen Charles, farmer, Holly Bush Hill
Beaman Charles, victualler, Feathers
Birchley Mary, farmer, Morton Green
Brewer Charles, farmer, Biddle’s Farm
Bullock John, beer retailer
Clinton Thomas, farmer
Colston James, carpenter, Holly Bed Common
Colston Thomas, farmer
Crump Thomas, farmer
Farmer, Elisha, carrier
Farmer Thomas, farmer, Knott’s Farm
Francis Jonathan, shopkeeper
Gamble John, mason, Druger’s End
Gaze J., farmer
Greenway Hannah, farmer, Hunter’s Hill
Harcourt Sarah, farmer, Morton Green
Hawker William, farmer, Druger’s End
Hill Charles, farmer
Jenkins Joseph, timber dealer
Jeynes William, carpenter and wheelwright, Holly Bed Common
Jones William, farmer, Eight Oaken Hill
Kendrick John, mason
Kendrick William, mason
Lane Alfred, farmer, The Hurst
Lane John R., farmer, Cutler’s Farm
Lane William, farmer
Lane William, miller and farmer
Pingree James, farmer, Holly Bed
Pope Edward, farmer, The Walk
Rogers William, blacksmith
Smith Abigail, farmer, New House
Smith Samuel, carrier, Holly Bed
Smith William, farmer, Fair Oaks
Stephens Philip, beer retailer, Robin Hood
Ward John, farmer, Rough Cast
Warrender John, blacksmith
White Thomas, earthenware dealer, Druger’s End

Carriers – To Worcester, Farmer, Wed. and Sat., 7 a.m., and Smith, Wed. and Sat., 7 a.m.

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Big Chill

The licence application for this year's Big Chill festival is different from previous years. The organisers, Festival Republic, are asking for a permanent licence with permission for higher noise levels and loud music up to 5am. For more details see: . Please note, the deadline for commenting on the application is Wednesday, 23rd March.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In case you have noticed a 0.4% increase in your Council Tax

The Parish Council voted NOT to increase the council tax, however some may have noticed a 0.4% difference that is due to the Castlemorton Parish precept.

Angus inquired and this is the reason:-

Good afternoon Mr Goloightly
Further to our earlier telephone conversation I can confirm the increase of 0.4% is calculated as follows :-

2010/2011    Precept £ 4,000     Taxbase   292.53  (Band D equivalent) = annual Band D charge £13.67
2011/2012    Precept  £4,000     Taxbase   291.54  (Band D equivalent) = annual Band D charge £13.72
                                                      INCREASE £0.05  = 0.4%

The % difference is calculated  £0.05 divided by £13.67 = 0.4%

The reason that the main preceptors ( County, Fire etc) show 0% is that we  supply them with the tax base figures and they then set their precept from that figure.
I hope that this information is of help in explaining the small increase per household but please let me know if I can be of further help.
Kind Regards

Mrs Jean C Mann
Shared Services Manager (Revenues and Benefits)
South Worcestershire Shared Services
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
WR10 1 PT

I hoe this is clear to all.