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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Comments on recent Planning proposals

Castlemorton Parish Council is serious in it’s responsibility for the developments in the parish. We care about the quality of the landscape and the built environment .
We are therefore very concerned over a recent trend that seeks to bypass the established consultation process. When refused the applicant seeks a certificate for lawfulness and attempts to obtain permission for ‘permitted development’. As these rules have been relaxed and are ambiguous the certificate tends to be granted.
We feel strongly that this is against the spirit of ‘neighbourly’ cooperation and consultation. The applicant seeks to selfishly impose their development with little concern over the impact on either the built environment or the impact on the landscape. We have had a number of developments that have had little architectural merit and we have objected accordingly.
These two latest examples will hopefully explain and illustrate the problem, all the information is in the public domain and all applications can be seen on the Malvern Hills Web Site  Go to planning and search for the applications that relate to Castlemorton.
MHDC Ref: 10/01560/CPU
Proposal: Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed development-conservatory, two storey rear extension and single front and side extension.
Property Name/Location: Morton Green Cottage, Morton Green  WR13 6LR
Castlemorton Parish Council:  Comments-
The Parish Council is opposed to this development on the grounds that the cottage has  already been considerably extended and the resulting development would be a detriment to the local built environment and the local landscape.
If permission was granted and the applicant was to take up the permitted development it would completely obscure the original cottage and the resulting building would not have
any coherent integrity.
The legality of the permitted development the Parish Council entrust to the planning department. 
The Parish Council note that recent permissions have, as it predicted, established a precedent that is providing a loophole for unacceptable and unsympathetic developments.

Morton Green Cottage Proposed Elevations

 Morton Green Cottage Proposed Plans
Application Number 58872 Ambleside Castlemorton Common
The applicant submitted these plans as a full application. The Parish Council objected and defended it’s position at a Southern Area Planning Meeting.
In particular we objected to the box like structure that was proposed in order to extend the kitchen.
Our original comment was:-
The Parish Council have carefully reviewed the plans and is sympathetic to the proposal to extend and significantly improve the internal layout and facilities.  However we have considerable concerns over the single story extension.
Whilst we acknowledge that 'stylistic difference' can sometime be architecturally appropriate,  in this case the flat roofed extension to form the new kitchen has resulted in an external addition  that looks rather like a mobile home parked too close to the building. 

Ambleside has been much extended and expanded, its elevations celebrate steep pitched roofs and the elevations are all brickwork. The change of materials, whilst 'natural' are not appropriate for an extension to any of the elevations. This extension including the flat roof  will be seen  from a number of viewpoints and in our opinion it will not make a positive contribution to the building or the environment. 

We cannot support the application and encourage the applicant to reconsider the need for an extension on the rear elevation or seek a radical re design.  

Ambleside WR13 6DA have now submitted a further application REF; 11/00095/CPU. 
Lawful Development Certificate

Parish Council Commnets:-

Once again we seem to have little say in the development of a significant and prominent building in the locality.

The use of a certificate of lawfulness effectively rides roughshod over any local consultation.

We regret the applicant has chosen to take this approach and is promoting a building of such an unfortunate design which will be to the detriment of the building and to the local environment. 
We hope the applicant will reconsider the design.  If the box structure at the rear extension is built as per these plans, it will significantly devalue the architectural integrity of the building.

The full set of documents can be seen on Malven Hills Planning site.

Ambleside Elevations (showing the contested box structure)
  The Parish Council do not have any problems with the front elevation.