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Sunday, 12 December 2010


Eric Pickles 'localism bill is about to be published.
It will significantly change the way we handle our local responsibilities, and contains a lot of issues that could be highly contentious. 
It promises:
  • Local people and organisations will have the right to buy significant public buildings. If a council decides to sell a property community organisations will get extra time to develop their bid.
  • Communities can question how services - such as children's centres, care homes and transport - are being run and potentially take them over.
  • More power for local people to overrule planning decisions, decide where new homes should go and protect green spaces.
We will keep you updated on issues that could affect Castlemorton. One significant issue will involve changes to Malvern Hills Local Plan, this will be reviewed and a new plan actioned for 2013.
Jerry and Lionel went to one of the first meetings that will help to shape the new plan.

Your feedback is sought too, so use this forum to feedback issues, questions and ideas that you think may help to shape Castlemorton's future development.

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