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Monday, 19 April 2010

Anyone up to 40Megabit's! this is an option.

Following the official launch of the next-generation broadband services in Lyddington this afternoon, Rutland Telecom has announced similar plans to enable the village of Erbistockclose to the Welsh-English border, bringing 'up to 40 meg' speeds to aAlign Centre rural area where many people currently receive no broadband services at all.

"Rutland Telecom is encouraging and assisting rural communities to explore ways of raising the necessary capital such as looking at partnerships or joint ventures, which will ensure local investors get a financially attractive and acceptable rate of return. Its financial model takes into account potential population sign up and service charges and can demonstrate not only the investment required but a rate of return to be enjoyed by those willing to take part. Over the past few months we have been in discussion with several groups outside of Rutland who have all expressed interest in what we have achieved here.

This will be a joint venture between Rutland Telecom and a local group of investors. They will use the higher speeds delivered by the Next Generation Broadband service to assist with their rural commercial office development. It will also allow them to benefit the local community by providing a service in that area."

Mark Melluish, Rutland Telecom

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Remember Environmental Forum Wed 14th

A Discussion on Generating Electricity from the Sun
Make 8% p.a. Tax Free
In the Parish Hall at 7:30 on Wednesday the 14th of April.
A presentation by local resident Don Lupton describing the installation, cost, performance and income from his recently installed photovoltaic system.
Entry is Free
Everyone is Welcome