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Monday, 16 November 2009

Castlemorton Parish Hall

Thanks to a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, Awards for All, Castlemorton Parish Hall has been improved to enable its use by all members of the community. A dedicated disabled toilet has been created and baby-changing facilities have been installed. A further improvement, funded by the Parish Council from the precept, is the replacement of the boiler with a modern, more fuel efficient model. A grant from the Elmley Small Arts Grants Fund together with a generous donation from the Castlemorton Commons Committee has provided the hall with an improved lighting system featuring dimmable uplighters and spotlights, enabling more appropriate and atmospheric lighting for different events.

Low energy light bulbs were provided by the Marches Energy Agency in 2007 as a first step to making the hall more energy efficient. Currently, the Parish Council is reviewing what other improvements can be made to the fabric of the building to improve insulation and reduce fuel use, alongside other sustainable ‘green measures’.

The Parish Council holds occasional meetings of its Environmental Forum to disseminate information and discussion about green technologies and all interested people are welcome to attend.

To enquire about booking the hall, please contact Joan Bedford on 833441.

Draft Minutes CPC 10th November 09


Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Castlemorton Parish Council held on
Thursday 10th November 2009 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 7.30 p.m.


Angus Golightly (Chairman), Mary Watts, Gerald Downs, Joan Bedford, Lionel Bartlett, Jerry Fryman, Don Lupton

In Attendance:


Members of the Public:


Comments from the General public:

  1. Mr. R. Dawe expressed his displeasure that not all members of the Council were wearing poppies.

2. Mr. R. Dawe questioned the Parish Council on progress made with the Purchase of the Land behind the Parish Hall (covered under item 9 of agenda)

  1. Mr. R. Dawe asked if consideration would be given to fitting photovoltaic panels to the roof of the Parish Hall as part of the improvements being discussed (covered under item 9 of agenda).
  2. Mr. Dawe suggested that the outside of the Parish Hall should be re-painted and some type of floral decoration/mural could be painted around the windows to improve the overall exterior.

2009/44. Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Bowen and Bradshaw.

2009/45. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

2009/46. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the meeting of Thursday 10th September 2009 circulated before the meeting were a true record of that meeting and be signed as such by the Chairman.

2009/47. Matters arising

There were none.

2009/48. Finance Report

a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be made:

Cheque no. 635 – Clerks wages & expenses September £ 113.74

Cheque no. 636 – KR Dawe Builder for building works on Parish

Hall £7,845.30

Cheque no. 637 – Clerks wages & expenses October £ 56.54

b) Current Financial Situation

Income since 10th September

Grant monies from Parish Hall Committee £7450.00

Expenditure since 10th September

Cheque no. 635 – Clerks wages & expenses September £ 113.74

Cheque no. 636 – KR Dawe for building works on Parish

Hall £7,845.30

Cheque no. 637 – Clerks wages & expenses October £ 56.54



Balance as 10.11.09 - £13,527.47

Unpresented cheques:

Cheque no. 637 – Clerks wages & expenses October £ 56.54

Monies available as at 10.11.09 - £13,470.93

c) The Charity Commission Annual Return has been completed for the Parish Hall Trust.

2009/49. Planning

a) The following report of planning applications received or decided since last meeting was noted.

Number Description Address Status

09/00936/FUL Double stables and tack/feed room Fernleigh MHDC

Castlemorton approval

09/01067/HOU Two storey side extension and two Sherwood Cottage MHDC

rear dormer windows approval

09/01136/AGR Storage tank for juice following Mount Pleasant MHDC

processing of cider apples Castlemorton notification

2009/50. Correspondence

A comprehensive list of the Correspondence received was circulated prior to the meeting and hardcopies were available for Councillors to review if necessary.

2009/51. Parish Hall Trust

An update on the current projects was provided as follows (the majority of items are subject to grants being available):

a) Purchase of land at the rear of the hall. No progress to report.

b) Front Windows. Councillor Fryman has investigate local windows suppliers, materials and styles (a choice between PVC and Aluminium). He will present his findings to the Parish Hall Trust, who will then bring their proposals to the Parish Council for discussion and agreement. An estimate of £2,500 has been obtained to replace the windows and this figure will be used in the grant application.

c) Wall insulation. Councillor Golightly has seen the work carried out to insulate the walls at Berrow Village and has obtained an estimate of approx. £10,000 to carry out similar work at Castlemorton. This ballpark figure will be used when applying for the grant.

d) New central heating boiler. The working party has had the new boiler installed. The work came in under the budget set at the last Parish Council meeting.

e) Structural Integrity of Hall. Whilst the builders were installing the Disabled Toilets they carried out work to the front corner of the hall where there has been cracking to the walls. On digging down to see if the soak away was blocked it was established there was no soak away in this area. Therefore one was constructed. The cracks in the wall have been filled with a flexible jointing compound and markers have been positioned to see if movement in this area continues.

Details of two structural engineers have been obtained with a view of carrying out an initial visual inspection of the hall. Councillor Bartlett expressed his concerns that the work carried on the front wall of the hall has made this work more difficult as some of the evidence may have been covered up. However, Councillor Golightly advised the Council that the builder who carried out this work has provided a specification of what he found and photographs were taken. After much discussion it was proposed that the services of a Structural Engineer should be engaged to carry out an initial visual inspection of the building and provide an opinion on its structural integrity. The possible cost of this work will be between £200 - £300. This was unanimously agreed. It was therefore RESOLVED that Councillor Golightly should organise this work.

If further work is require to dig down to examine the footings it was felt that this would cost in the region of £500.00.

f) Photovoltaic panels – Councillor Lupton advised the council that Government Legislation regarding the feed-in tariffs was on the way and the tariff was likely to be in the region of 35p per unit. This could generate a nice income for the Parish Council. With regard to concerns about the weight of the panels on the roof, he advised that the panels weigh approx. 10 – 12 kg and the cost of installation would be approx. £15,000. It was proposed that the installation of photovoltaic panels be included in the grant application. Agreement to this proposal was unanimous. It was therefore RESOLVED that this item be added to the Grant application.

2009/52. Lengthsman Scheme

Birtsmorton Parish Council is currently undertaking a survey to establish how much work a Lengthsman could carry out on their behalf. Councillor Golightly has been in contact with the Lengthsman who works for Welland Parish Council. He is available for extra work. After discussion it was felt that there would be sufficient work in the Parish to employ a Lengthsman for one day per month. It was therefore RESOLVED that Castlemorton Parish Council would go forward with the employment of a Lengthsman and join with Birtsmorton if they decide to go ahead.

2009/53. Standing Orders

New Standing Orders had been circulated to all Parish Councillors prior to the meeting. It was proposed that the Parish Council adopt the Standing Orders. This was agreed unanimously. It was therefore RESOLVED that the standing orders be adopted.

2008/54. Any Other Business/Items for the next Meeting

· Items for the next meeting – Parish Hall Trust, Employment of a Lengthsman, 2010/11 budgets and set the precept

· Any further agenda items should be advised to the Clerk prior to the next meeting.

2008/55. Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the next meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 7th January 2010 in the Parish Hall.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.