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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 7th May 2009 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 8.00 p.m.

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on
Thursday 7th May 2009 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 8.00 p.m.


Bill Bowen, Jerry Fryman, Angus Golightly, Mary Watts, Lionel Bartlett, Joan Bedford

In Attendance:

County Councillor Tom Wells

PC Alan Naulls, CSO Sarah Hyde

Members of the Public:

1, apologies received from Margaret & Brian Smith

1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 8th May 2008 be signed by the Chairman as being a true record of that meeting.

2 Matters arising

There were none.

3. Report by the Chairman of the Parish Council

The Chairman presented his Report (attached at Appendix I)

4. Finance Report by the Responsible Finance Officer

The RFO reported that the Parish Council started the year with a brought forward figure of £11,451.98.


Receipts for the year were slightly down by £159.95 compared with the previous financial year - totalling £4,484.20.

The precept for the year remained constant at £4,000.00.

Other income was received from the interest on the Bank of Ireland deposit account – totalling £237.44 (a reduction of £95.83 on previous year) and a VAT refund of £57.01.

Other receipts included £189.75, which was a refund of planning permission fee for the disabled toilets at the Parish Hall.

Overall receipts received exceeded the planned budget for the year by £289.00.


Payments during the year totalled £3,122.88 – a decrease over the previous financial year of £462.31.

Main areas of change included:

A reduction in Salaries and expenses of £226.58.

A reduction in the cost of the External Audit due to the reclassification of the Council by size - £82.25.

Reduction in maintenance work to the Parish Hall of £185.76, the majority of improvements will be carried out in the financial year 2009/10.

Overall payments made came in under the planned budget for the year by £1,132.00

The year ended with a net increase of £1,361.31 – with a closing balance of £12,813.30

5. Report by County Councillor – Tom Wells

Councillor Wells reported that he had recently carried out a survey within the Parish and presented an explanation of his findings. The major points of note were;

Housing – in response to the issue of extra housing within the Parish 49% of respondents stated that they did not wish to see any additional housing, with 51% responding positively to a small addition of houses within the Parish.

Household Waste Collection – a majority of respondents (79%) wished to see the current system using coloured sacks continue, with most people not wishing to move towards the use of wheelie bins. Most concern was expressed about the possibility of fortnightly collections. Councillor Wells pointed out that MHDC are about to make a decision about the future of waste collection within the district and that people should make their wishes and feelings known by writing to the District Council.

Speed – there have been concerns regarding the speed of traffic on School Lane, particularly during the ‘dropping off’ and ‘picking up’ periods during the day. A recent survey carried out by the Highways Department indicated that there was not a specific problem, with average speeds during the day being 32 mph. However, there is a local perception of a problem.

During the Autumn the County Council will be reviewing all speed limited within the County.

In answer to a question by the Chairman on the number of questionnaire passed out or delivered and the percentage returned, Councillor Wells stated the response figure was approximately 25% of the 150 distributed among the 278 households in the Parish of Castlemorton, i.e. 38 responses.

6. Parish Hall Trust Report

Mary Watts, Chairman of the Parish Hall Trust Committee presented her Report (attached at Appendix II).

7. Report by Local Police

PC Alan Naulls reported that the team, consisting of himself, CSO Sarah Hyde and CSO Sally MacPhearson now operate out of new offices attached to the Library in Upton Upon Severn. The main areas of crime committed within the Parish relate to Anti-social behaviour (mainly vehicles on the Common), stolen and blown up Post Boxes and speeding issues. Over the past 12 months crime figures are slightly up – a result of increased criminal damage and anti-social behaviour, but burglary in the area has decreased. However, Castlemorton is fortunate in being situated within the 4th lowest area for crime in the country.

7. Public Comment, Questions and Discussion

A question had been received from two parishioners regarding the money donated by the Castlemorton Commoners Association to provide equipment for the First Responder within the Parish and what was the situation regarding this equipment now that the First Responder no longer carried out this role. The Chairman of the Parish Council advised that the equipment had been return to the Ambulance Authority. He also explained that not all Parishes were covered by a First Responder. This is purely a voluntary role and volunteers are trained by the Ambulance Service to be the first response, arriving at certain incidents before either a Paramedic or the Ambulance. Now that Castlemorton is without a First Responder anyone who is interested in fulfilling this role should contact Councillor Golightly who has details of how to apply.

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm

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