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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of held on 8th January 2009


Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Castlemorton  Parish  Council  held on
Thursday 8th January 2009 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 7.30 p.m.



Angus Golightly (Chairman), Mary Watts, Don Lupton, Bill Bowen, Jerry Fryman

In Attendance:

County Councillor Tom Wells, District Councillor DavidWatkins

PC Alan Naulls, CSO Sally McPhearson

Members of the Public:



As there were no members of the public in attendance PC Alan Naulls took the opportunity to introduce a new Community Support Officer – CSO Sally McPhearson who will be working with him and CSO Lucy Rowbotham in the area.

 2009/54.  Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Councillors Bedford and Bartlett.

 2009/55. Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest.

 2009/56.  Minutes of the Previous Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the meeting of 6th November 2008 circulated before the meeting were a true record of that meeting and be signed as such by the Chairman.


2009/57.  Matters arising

  • Post Boxes – the post box destroyed by a firework has been reported to the Royal Mail in Worcester and they have advised that a replacement will be made available.
  • Phone box at Feathers Pitch – the Conservators have advised that they are not interested in taking possession of this.  However, it was felt that the Parish Council’s strong objections to the removal of Phone Boxes should be made clear once again.  It was RESOLVED that the Clerk will write to MHDC in this regard.


2009/58 Chairman’s Update

The Chairman reported that he had attended the memorial event for Mr. Windle.

Planning Enforcement has been contacted regarding the recent conversion at Myrtleberry Cottage.

Work on improving Keynes Lane is about to commence.

2009/59.  District and County Councillors Reports

District Councillor

DC David Watkins advised the Council that the consultants, BWB, are holding an open event regarding stage 1 of the study into the flooding problems within the District at which everyone will have a chance to view the work already carried out and bring forward any further problems.

The work that is being carried out with regarding to waste collection is ongoing with focus group meeting having already taken place.  The larger public consultation of questionnaires being sent to 3500 households within the District will take place in February.  It is planned that a final report will be available by end of May, for a decision regarding curb side collection being made in the Autumn.  All members of the public can comment on this issue by contacting MHDC in the usual way.

County Councillor

CC Tom Wells advised that the County Council is at present finalising its budget.  It is expected that Council Tax will rise by 3.5%.  This raised a number of questions from Councillors as to why this was going to be above inflation, particularly at this time of economic hardship for many parishioners.  CC Wells explained that the Council now received a much lower rate of interest for all the monies that it had invested, and is having to be much more cautious over where  money is invested after the problems with the Icelandic banks.  Also the County Council is experiencing a high level of inflation relative to normal individuals as such a high proportion of its revenue is spent on energy.  High landfill tax is also having a detrimental effect.

However, the refurbishment of the Council Chamber and the offices at County Hall has now been completed.


2009/59.  Finance Report

a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be made:

Cheque no. 616– Castlemorton PCC   £350.00

Cheque no. 617 – A. Golightly Mailing Exp £129.01

Cheque no. 618 – S. Normington Wages  £119.26


b) Current Financial Situation

Income since 6th November

Bank interest November £ 22.91


Expenditure since 6th November

Cheque no. 616– Castlemorton PCC         £350.00
Cheque no. 617 – A. Golightly Mailing Exp  £129.01
Cheque no. 618 – S. Normington Wages   £119.26

Balance as 31.12.08 -  £13,128.50 -  £4,499.33 in current account
and £8,629.17 on deposit
Unpresented cheques: 
Cheque no. 619 – SN Wages Dec              £ 81.94                                                                               
Monies available as at 06.11.08 - £13,046.56

2009/60.  Budget and Precept for FY 2009/10

The draft budget that was circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting was discussed. 

It was RESOLVED that the draft budget be adopted and that the Precept for the financial year be set at £4,000.00 (remaining at the same level as the current year).

2009/61. Communications

Councillor Golightly reported that very little response had been received as a result of the most recent newsletter.  Only 4 people had expressed an interest in the oil purchasing scheme.  As it is still early days this subject will be re-examined at the next meeting.

2009/62.  Environmental Forum

20 people attended the meeting held on 4th December regarding Solar Heating and Thermal Heat Pumps.  Topics for future meeting were discussed and it was felt that there would be interest in more ‘cheap and cheerful’ methods of being green and saving money.  Therefore it was RESOLVED that the next meeting of the group will be a forum to discuss ideas on more simplistic ideas and that the meeting will be held in March.


2009/63. Parish Hall Trust

Councillor Watts reported that the grant of £7450 from the Lottery Fund had been received.

The Castlemorton Commoners Association are very kindly donating £500.00 toward the cost of upgrading the lighting in the Hall and another grant to cover this work is being investigated.  At present an up to date quotation for this work is still outstanding.  A wish list of other improvements needed to the Hall will be discussed at the next Parish Hall Trust meeting.

2009/64.  Planning

a) The following report of planning applications received or decided since last meeting was noted.

Number                       Description                                        Address                      Status


08/00675/FUL             Single and two storey extensions       Clarks Farm                Taken to

                                    to side of dwelling                               Druggers End             appeal



08/01037/FUL             Variation of condition 1 of                    Mount Pleasant           MHDC

                                    planning permission 08/00006/FUL    Castlemorton              approval



08/01531/FUL             Demolish existing lean- to and           Badgers Sett               MHDC            

                                    build new wing                                    Morton Green              refusal


08/01649/FUL             Conversion of barn to single               Bakehouse Farm        MHDC

                                    dwelling                                               Morton Green              approval


08/01820/FUL             Conversion of redundant farm            Walk Farm                  PC approval

                                    builds to 4 residential units                 Castlemorton


08/01967/FUL             Replace existing conservatory           Woodlands                  With PC for

                                    with larger one                                    Castlemorton              for comment              


b) The meeting with the Planning Department was viewed to be useful and successful with both

planners and councillors now having a greater understanding of each other’s issues

and obligations.


2009/65.  Correspondence

A comprehensive list of the Correspondence received was circulated prior to the meeting and hardcopies were available for Councillors to review if necessary.


2008/38.  Any Other Business/Items for the next Meeting:

·         Items for the next meeting – Parish Hall Trust


2008/39.  Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the next meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 5th March 2009 in the Parish Hall

Other dates for the diary in 2009 will be 7th May (Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council), 16th June and 10th September.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Castlemorton Parish Council 7.30 pm 8th January 2009 at Castlemorton Village Hall



Members of the Council are required to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council to be held

7.30 pm 8th January 2009 at Castlemorton Village Hall


Before the start of the meeting any members of the public present will be invited to speak and their views will be noted and discussed by the Council during the meeting under the appropriate agenda topic.


1.      Apologies for absence


2.      Declarations of interest


3.      Previous minutes of 6th November 2008 – to approve minutes as being a true record of the meeting


4.      Matters arising  - progress items for discussion not covered by agenda


5.      Chairman’s Update


6.      Reports from District and County Councillors – for information


7.      Finance Report – to consider and approve payments:

Cheque no. 616 - £350.00 St. Gregory’s Church

Cheque no. 617 - £129.01 A. Golightly mailing expenses

Cheque no. 618 - £119.26 S. Normington Wages November

 and to receive an update of income and expenditure versus budget


8.      Budget and Precept for FY 2009/10 – to consider and agree the proposed budget for the FY 2009/10, and to set the precept


9.      Communications – to review feedback on the recently published Parish newsletter


10. Environmental Forum - update


11. Report from the Parish Hall Trust – to receive an update from the Parish Hall Trust


12.  Planning  – an update on all planning activity since meeting of 6th November 2008 – planning list attached


13.  Correspondence – items recd since 6th November 2008 for consideration/information – correspondence list attached


14. Items for future meetings


15. Confirmation of date of next meeting – Thursday 5th March 2009