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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Castlemorton Parish Council Draft Agenda

Members of the Council are required to attend the next meeting of the Parish Council to be held 7.30pm Thursday 6th November 2008 at Castlemorton Village Hall

Before the start of the meeting any members of the public present will be invited to speak and their views will be noted and discussed by the Council during the meeting under the appropriate agenda topic. (Duration: 15 minutes)

1. Apologies for absence
2. Declarations of interest
3. Previous minutes of 4th September - to approve minutes as being a true record of the meeting
4. Matters arising - progress items for discussion not covered by agenda
5. Finance Report – to consider and approve payments:
Cheque no. 614 – S. Normington Wages & Expenses Sept - £111.11
6. Section 137 Grants – to consider payment of Section 137 Grants in current financial year
7. District Councillor/County Councillor Reports
8. Parish Hall Trust – to receive an update from the Chairman
9. Newsletter – to discuss and agree content for the next edition of Parish Council newsletter
10. BT Telephone Boxes – to discuss options open regarding removal/adoption/purchase of BT telephone boxes
11. Environmental Matters – to discuss date for future Environmental meetings
12. Planning – an update of current planning activity (list attached)
13. Correspondence – for consideration/information (list attached)
14. Items for future meetings
15. To confirm date of the next meeting – Thursday 8th January 2009

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