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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

June Planning

MHDC Ref No 08/00549/FUL

Property Name/location Badgers Sett, Morton Green, Welland
Erection of stable block for domestic use, including change of use of land to private equestrian use
Mr. P. Garland

Proposed first floor extension and replacement porch.

Kohima, New Road, Castlemorton Malvern Worcestershire.

View the details here. (08/00773/FUL)



For this event RESIDENTS of Castlemorton Parish will be able to have limited complimentary attendance places ( not tickets) on Sunday 3rd August only. Demand usually exceeds availability so we are asking residents who wish to attend to apply for these places by writing to ( or you can deliver by hand to the Parish Hall letter box) Big Chill , Castlemorton Parish Council, The Parish Hall Church Road, Castlemorton, Malvern. WR 13 6BE
Applications by post only to this address by noon on Tuesday 22nd July. Please include a stamped addressed envelope so we can send you proof of allocation of places and state the name of those who will be attending. One application per household. Please include your telephone number.
Once applications are received by the closing date a draw will be held for twoplaces per household if this is necessary ( i.e. demand exceeds supply).
If you have requested more tickets than two and demand is less than supply then a second draw will be held till all places are used. Accompanied Children under 12 enter without ID & do not use an allocated place.
Proof of identification will be necessary against your named attendees when you arrive at the "The Family Camping Gate" ( before Eastnor on the road from Rye Cross) on Sunday 3rd. Please state who will lead your allocation and provide the ID.
We have been asked to provide a list of named attendees to the entry gate staff, before the event commences on Thursday 31 st July. If your names are not correct on this list you might be refused entry.

No late change of names is possible.

Apologies for the rules but these are the strings attached to free entry to BIG CHILL.

Castlemorton PC

Broadband Issues!!!!!!!!

Well I'm back on line..... thanks to a major complaint and letters to Uncle Tom and all Cobleys.

Now for how much longer........? Jerry


Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Castlemorton Parish Council held on Tuesday 10th June 2008 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 7.30 p.m.

Angus Golightly (Chairman), Mary Watts, Gerald Downs, Lionel Bartlett, Jerry Fryman
In Attendance:
District Councillor David Watkins

Members of the Public:

Matters from members of the public;
Mr. L. Tovey, a new member of the Parish, asked the Parish Council if they were able to provide advise regarding grazing rights on the Common. Mr. Tovey was advised the contact Ms. F. Morgan at Worcestershire County Council regarding this matter.
Mr. Tovey also raised the problem of floodwater between Hollybush and Eastnor. This is in Herefordshire, however Herefordshire Highways department will be contacted.

2008/12. Apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from County Councillor Wells, Councillors Lupton and Bradshaw.

2008/13. Declarations of interest
There were no declarations of interest.

2008/14. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the meeting of 8th May 2008 circulated before the meeting were a true record of that meeting and be signed as such by the Chairman.

2008/15. Matters arising
Missing Post Boxes – the Clerk has once again written to the Royal Mail regarding this situation. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk will once again contact Royal Mail to ensure that this issue is resolved.
Broadband – Councillor Watts informed the meeting of a news item she had seen regarding the availability of Broadband in rural area. She e-mailed the Chairman of Ofcom and had received back a very bland response. Councillor Fryman informed the council of his recent success with mobile broadband and it was suggested that this topic would make a good article for the next Newsletter.

2008/16. Finance Report
a) Payments
It was RESOLVED that the following payments be made:
Cheque no. 608 – S. Normington wages May £104.43
b) Current Financial Situation
Income since 8th May
Bank interest May £24.36
£ 24.36

Expenditure since 8th May
Cheque no. 603 – S. Normington wages May £135.84


Balance as 10.6.08 - £12107.71 - £3,630.13 in current account and £8,477.58 on deposit
Unpresented cheques:
Cheque no. 603 – S. Normington wages May £135.84

Monies available as at 8.05.08 - £11,971.87
c) VAT
The Clerk reported that the VAT refund has been submitted to Customs and Excise.
d) Annual Return
Mr. Roger Dobson who acts as the Internal Auditor for the Annual Return has very kindly completed the Audit.

2008/17. District Councillor Report
District Councillor Watkins had just come from a meeting regarding the Post Office closures. An announcement will be made regarding the effected Post Offices on 26th August, after which there will be a 6-week consultation period.
Councillor Watkins informed the council that over the past weeks there has been a lot of press speculation regarding the issue of share services between MHDC and Worcester City Council. Councillor Watkins advised the some services, such as Revenues and Benefits have already been merged in order to gain cost efficiencies. However, this topic is on going.
MHDC have employed a Consultancy to look at the problem of drainage and flooding in the district. The Consultancy will work with the District Council for 4 months and will review the problem areas and then advise on how best to deal with these. The Parish Council will feed through information on flooding problems within the Parish to the Consultants.
A great deal of work is being carried out in the area of waste and recycling. Councillor Watkins advised that it is intended the curbside collections of recyclable materials will be expanded once the new facility at Nauton is on-line.

2008/18. Section 137 Grants
The Parish Council has one outstanding Section 137 Grant from last year, that being the grant to the Malvern Hills Conservators. It was RESOLVED that this grant should remain on hold.

2008/19. Parish Hall Trust
Councillor Watts advised the Council that the grants for the improvements to the Parish Hall were still be processed. She had received advice from Community First on the draft grant applications and there is still work to be done.
Councillor Watts has been advised that the Parish Hall Trust should apply for the grant on the work to install a disabled toilet facility in the Hall on which there will be no VAT charged, and that the Parish Council should apply for a grant to improve the electrics in the Hall. This would then enable the VAT to be reclaimed on this work. A further update will be provided at the next Parish Council meeting.

2008/20. The Big Chill
Councillor Golightly had produced a notice detailing instructions on how to apply for tickets to the Big Chill. Arrangements are very similar to previous years. This notice has been sent to Shirley Kirby for inclusion in the next edition of the Parish Magazine and notices have been prepared that will be posted around the Parish. It is vitally important that everyone provides the correct information as detailed in the notice and the deadline date for applications will be strictly applied. It was RESOLVED that processing applications will take place on 22nd July 2008 at 7.30pm.

2008/21. Planning
a) The following report of planning applications received or decided since last meeting was noted.
Number Description Address Status

08/00119/FUL Two storey rear extension The Old Cider House Considered @
Castlemorton Southern Area
Development Committee
On 21/05/08
08/00248/FUL Change of use from grazing to Hilberry MHDC
domestic garden Castlemorton approval

08/00306/FUL Erection of garden room Bessoni Manor Farm MHDC
Castlemorton refusal

08/00394/FUL Proposed extension to existing Pewtrice Farm Considered @
dwelling Castlemorton Southern Area
Committee on

08/00391/FUL Erect stable The Glen PC approval
Castlemorton sent to MHDC

08/00549/FUL Erection of stable block and Badgers Sett PC comments
change of use of land to private Castlemorton sent to MHDC

08/00577/FUL Demolition of existing conservatory Acorn Cottage With PC for
and construction of single storey Castlemorton consideration

08/00675/FUL Single and two storey extensions Clarks Farm With PC for
to side of dwelling Druggers End consideration

b) Councillor Fryman reported to the Council that he had attended the Southern Area
Development Committee on 21st May regarding planning applications for the Old Cider House
and Pewtrice Farm.
He spoke to explain the Parish Councils decision and thoughts on the Old Cider House and this
application was approved by the Committee. However, due to the lateness of the meeting,
the application for Pewtrice Farm was postponed until 3rd June. Councillor Fryman attended
this meeting and spoke to explain the Parish Councils decision and thoughts on the application.
This application was duly approved by the Committee.
The Parish Council still feels unsure about some of the decisions made by the Planning
at MHDC and it has been suggested that a Planning Officer attend the Council and provides
a training session. In particular, more information is required regarding Delegated Powers.
It has been suggested that this training may prove to be beneficial for neighbouring parishes,
such as Birtsmorton and Pendock. It was RESOLVED that a training session for Parish
Councillors will be organised with MHDC planning department for 11th September 2008.

2008/22. Correspondence
A comprehensive list of the Correspondence received was circulated prior to the meeting and hardcopies were available for Councillors to review if necessary.
A letter had been received from a Mr. Robin Phillips regarding Mr. Windle, a past Headmaster of Castlemorton School. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to Mr. Phillips advising that the Parish Council did not consider it appropriate to organise an event.

2008/23. Any Other Business/Items for the next Meeting:
· Items for the next meeting – Fuel Share scheme, Environmental issues/meetings, Newsletter, Litter Picking

2008/24. Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the next meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Thursday 4th September 2008 in the Parish Hall
There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Mouchers Corner Post Box

Another triumph for the Parish Council! Thanks to the persistence of our clerk, Sheila, a new post box has finally been installed next to Mouchers Corner in New Road. This has taken three years of badgering Royal Mail. It is on a metal pole and should be more theft-proof than the previous arrangement.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bad Broadband- complain at your peril

If you have poor broadband from BT, problems with connecting, low speed. Complain at your peril! If you tackle the 'intercontinental helpers' they may request a monitor to be placed on your telephone line. If it discovers that the line cannot deal with the specified speeds, they will place a cease order on the line and you will no longer be able to get broadband from BT or any other ISP.

The answer ( thank you Gerald) is mobile broadband, not quite so cheap but an effective alternative.

Beware you have been warned! don't complain! I know from experience. Jerry