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Monday, 31 March 2008

April Planning Applications.

Planning Application

MHDC Ref No 08/00394/FUL view the application here.

Property Name/location Pewtrice Farm, Castlemorton
Proposed extension to existing dwelling
Mr. & Mrs. W. Bowen

To planning convenor: 29th March 2008

Return to MHDC by 15th April 2008
Return to Clerk by 10th April 2008

Draft Minutes Castlemorton Parish Council 6th March 2008

Minutes of the Meeting of Castlemorton Parish Council held on Thursday 6th March 2008 at the Parish Hall, commencing at 8.00 p.m.

Joan Bedford, Beverley Bradshaw, Angus Golightly (Chairman), Mary Watts, Bill Bowen, Gerald Downs, Lionel Bartlett, Don Lupton
In Attendance:
District Councillor David Watkins

Members of the Public:

Raised by members of the public – the obstruction on a right of way over a track linking CL9 (Common Land of Malvern Hills Conservators) to a stile accessing footpath 535 and also 533 and 534. Councillor Golightly updated everyone regarding the situation under item 9 of the agenda.

2008/114. Apologies
Apologies were received and accepted from Councillor Fryman and County Councillor Wells

2008/115. Declarations of interest
There were no declarations of interest.

2008/116. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the draft minutes of the meeting of 10th January 2008 circulated before the meeting were a true record of that meeting and be signed as such by the Chairman.

2008/117. Matters arising
Missing Post Boxes – this issue is still to be resolved. The post box at Mouchers Corner has not been replaced and the replacement at the corner of the Gullett Road and New Road has not been correctly attached. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk will once again contact Royal Mail to ensure that this issue is resolved.
The Environment Agency has visited the Parish regarding muckheap on land at New Road. They had advised that it appeared unlikely that pollution could enter the ditches, however did feel that with wet weather run off was possible. They advised that they would contact the landowner and ask for the manure to be spread as soon as practical.

2008/118. Reports from District Councillor
Councillor Watkins reported that he had been working with a neighbouring parish to locate ‘hot spots’ of flooding and poor drainage. He felt that this had been a very worthwhile exercise and wished to instigate a similar review of Castlemorton Parish.
He reported that MHDC were hopeful that additional funding for more manpower to assist the Drainage Officer would become available. It is hoped that work could be carried out to create an overall plan of problem areas and work required within the district so that priorities could be set.
The push towards processing planning applications under delegated powers continues with the target of the majority of plans being processed within an 8-week timeframe.
Refuse bags – following complaints that the refuse bags provided by MHDC are not strong enough, Councillor Watkins reported that one solution is not to fill the bags so full and hopefully recycle more.

2008/119. Finance Report
a) Payments
It was RESOLVED that the following payments be made:
Cheque no. 599 – S. Normington wages January £ 128.00
Cheque no. 600 – MHDC Local Election expenses £ 57.10
Cheque no. 601 – St. Gregory’s PCC £ 350.00
Cheque no. 602 – S. Normington wages February £ 84.14
b) Current Financial Situation
Income since 11th January
Bank interest January £30.25
Bank Interest February £26.60

Expenditure since 11th January
Cheque no. 599 – S. Normington wages January £ 128.00
Cheque no. 600 – MHDC Local Election expenses £ 57.10
Cheque no. 601 – St. Gregory’s PCC £ 350.00
Cheque no. 602 – S. Normington wages February £ 84.14

Balance as 10.01.08 - £12,039.20 - £3,640.41 in current account and £8,398.79 on deposit

Unpresented cheques:

Cheque no. 600 – MHDC Local Election expenses £ 57.10
Cheque no. 601 – St. Gregory’s PCC £ 350.00
Cheque no. 602 – S. Normington wages February £ 84.14

Monies available as at 6.03.08 - £11,547.96

2008/120. Motorbikes on the Common
The police have recently been involved in an incident of someone riding a motorbike on the Common and impounded the bike for a period. However, the bike has now been returned to its owner and the problem has started again. The Parish Council is informed that if this continues residents should record the incident (time, date etc) and report it to the police on 08457 444888, who will log all activity.

2008/121. Location of Properties within the Parish
Following the recent serious fire within the Parish the Parish Council has received concerns regarding the emergency services being able to locate properties and access suitable water hydrants. Councillor Golightly had contacted and visited the Fire Service to discuss this issue. He received assurances that identification of properties and locations was good and viewed the mapping system that the Fire Service use. The mapping system not only shows all the properties in the Parish but also the location of the nearest hydrant.

2008/122 – Right of Way Obstructions
Concerns were raised with regard to an obstruction on a right of way over a track linking CL9 (Common land of Malvern Hills Conservators), near Chandlers Cross, to a stile giving access to footpath 535 and also 533 and 534.
The Parish Council has investigated this matter and ascertained that the land does not lie with CL9 and therefore the obstruction will not be taken up by the Malvern Hills Conservators. The ownership of the track is unproven but a right of way exists. A fence has been erected on this track “to prevent one property from the problem of animals entering the garden”. The Chairman advised the owners verbally that they are required to maintain a fence on their own land to prevent all stock from entering their property, but not erect fences on land that is not in their ownership.
The Chaiman has spoken to the Manager who is Head of Mapping at Worcestershire County Council to obtain advice on the process to be followed regarding this situation. Forms have been received from Worcs CC to enable the Parish Council to advise them of the obstruction on the right of way over the track. The Parish Council has been asked to submit a “ Notice of Application for a Modification Order under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981”, in relation to the right of way on this track. This LENGHTY process is in hand but evidence from the Parishioners and other bodies and organisations who have used this track over the years will help support the Parish Council in this application. Contact should be made with either the Parish Clerk or Chairman.

2008/123. Communications
Councillor Golightly provided the Council with the final analysis of the questionnaire sent out with the Parish Newsletter. The final response was 44 replies from the 277 sent – 16% response rate. From this 31 out of the 44 reported that they received the Parish Magazine and therefore see the report from the Parish Council.
A wide range of suggestions was forthcoming as to where to place further notices and notice boards. However, it was general thought that continuing to place notices on the Board at the Parish Hall, at Hollybush and using smaller notices in places such as Hancocks Lane was sufficient. It was also RESOLVED that two newsletters per year would be produced and distributed to each residence within the Parish, as it was felt that this proved to be an effective method of communicating with the whole Parish.
It was noted that improvements to the Broadband service in the area was of interest, it was therefore RESOLVED that the Clerk would write to BT to enquire as to what action need to be taken to improve this service. Support from the CLA would also be sought who are also involved in lobbying for Broadband improvement in rural areas.

2008/124. Report from the Parish Hall Trust
Councillor Watts reported that research into Grant aid continues. Also advice on upgrading the electrics at the Hall had been sought and a quote would be available for the next meeting of the Parish Hall Trust.

2008/125. Green Issues
Councillor Lupton had provided the Council with a discussion paper regarding green issues and trying to raise environmental awareness in Castlemorton. The idea is to provide information and encourage the development of a forum of interested parishioners, rather than being seen as experts or promoting specific suppliers. The forum could then discuss and receive information on such items as ground source heat pumps, solar power, wind turbines, home insulation and grants. After discussion it was RESOLVED that the Parish Council feel they could become involved in facilitating information exchange on this subject and a meeting will be held on Thursday 24th April at 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall for all those who are interested in this subject area.

2008/126. Meeting Frequency
Councillor Bartlett raised the possibility of increasing the number of meetings held by the Parish Council as every meeting has a very extensive agenda and can run late into the night. It was generally agreed that if more meetings were scheduled the costs of the Council would increase due to the increased administrative work that this would bring. It was felt that this would not be acceptable and therefore after much discussion it was RESOLVED that an effort would be made to provide more discussion papers before the meeting so that all Councillors can be fully briefed on complete issues before the meeting and that a deadline of 10.00 pm would be set for the close of the meeting thereby ensuring everyone is focused on succinct discussion and decision making.

2008/127. Planning
The following report of planning applications received or decided since last meeting was noted.

Number Description Address Status

07/01224/FUL Additional permanent farm workers Keyses Farm Application
dwelling Castelmorton withdrawn

07/01710/FUL Erection of timber framed Old Vicarage MHDC
conservatory Castlemorton approval

07/01636/FUL Siting of timber lodge Grove Farm, MHDC
Druggers End refusal

07/01779/FUL New roof to existing garage to Cider Mill Barn MHDC
form office space Hollybush approval

07/01814/FUL Demolition of existing extension 5 The Reddings MHDC
and new two and single storey Golden Valley refusal

07/01809/FUL Erection of stable block for Badgers Sett, Application
domestic use Morton Green withdrawn

07/01900/FUL Erection of stables, hay store, Land Adj Bannut PC approval
tack room and field shelter Tree House, sent to MHDC

07/01876/FUL Separation of ground floor to Hampton Villa MHDC
create self-contained holiday let Castlemorton approval

08/00032/FUL Additional permanent farm workers Keyses Farm PC approval
dwelling Castelmorton sent to MHDC

08/00006/FUL Extend permission for mobile home Mount Pleasant MHDC
Castlemorton approval

08/00113/FUL Demolition of extension and new 5 The Reddings PC comments
two and single storey extension Golden Valley sent to MHDC

08/00119/FUL Two storey rear extension The Old Cider House With PC for
Castlemorton consideration

08/00178/FUL Proposed use of part first floor Boulters Farm With PC for
for assembly room in agricultural Castlemorton consideration

08/00212/FUL Two bay carriage-house with Woodlands With PC for
enclosed store Castlemorton consideration

08/00248/FUL Change of use from grazing to Hilberry With PC for
domestic garden Castlemorton consideration

2008/128. Correspondence
A comprehensive list of the Correspondence received was circulated prior to the meeting and hardcopies were available for Councillors to review if necessary.

2008/129. Any Other Business/Items for the next Meeting:
· Items for the next meeting – Parish Hall Trust

2008/130. Next Meeting
It was RESOLVED that the next Meeting, which will be the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, will be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 8th May 2008 in the Parish Hall. The Annual Parish Meeting will also be held on the same evening and will commence at 7.30 pm.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.05 pm.

Friday, 21 March 2008


THUSRSDAY 24 th APRIL '08 7.30 pm
Free and all are welcome to attend.

Are you interested in saving the environment (and Money )

Castlemorton Parish Council proposes an evening meeting to discuss the application of environmentally friendly technology in our homes.
The evening will include an illustrated talk by a Castlemorton resident and engineer about the requirements , advantages and payback of installing solar water heating, using the system at his home as an example. The talk will include how to identify if your property is suitable and what to consider when enquiring for a system and assessing tenders.
If interest is sufficient, further meeting will be arranged to discuss other applicable technologies.

March Planning applications

Bessoni Manor Farm, Erection of Garden Room extension.

08/00306/FUL View the plans here, comments to Jerry by 24th March 08:

Micklefield Farm, Welland Stone, Proposed Menage.

08/00297/FUL View the plans and comment by 27th March 08

Land At OS8023 3785 Change of use from agricultural and erection of 2 stables.
08/00262/FUL View the plans and comments by 15th March 08.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Demolish and Replace 'Redwald':- Refused under devolved powers!

This is not in our parish it is in Berrow however it may be of interest.
Access the plans here, they are rather late in being posted but are in place now.