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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Discussion Note from Don Lupton - Green Issues:

Is it appropriate that we take an interest in what could, in a very apolitical sense, be called green issues and try to raise environmental awareness in Castlemorton?
It would be good to encourage the creation of an environmental forum so that residents could contribute their knowledge and experience and help guide other residents to appropriate technology and costs and perhaps even encourage co-operative purchasing initiatives.
To this end, I would be prepared to give a talk "Solar Heating - A User's Experience" based on my experience of the system I had installed c. 18 months ago and my knowledge as an engineer. This would address the principles, the cost and payback, the installation and practical results and issues to check with potential suppliers.

We could also invite external bodies, other parishioners, and even (with care) suppliers to give talks on subjects such as:

  • Domestic Heating - Ground source heat pumps, wood burning stoves, etc.
  • Home insulation and grants
  • Wind turbines
  • Cars and Transport
  • Photovoltaics
  1. Is this an initiative that the Parish Council wishes to pursue and would other councillors like be involved?
  2. Would people be interested and turn up?
  3. Could we use the Parish Hall (and at what cost)?
  4. If we start, should we start with the talk I propose or another higher profile speaker or more varied programme?

Don Lupton

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